Negotiations Update

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Teacher Negotiations Update

September 2022

LPS has negotiated agreements for coverage due to the teacher shortage especially in the compliance driven positions - SPED and ESL.

Classroom Coverage - Regular Education

ESL and Sped Coverage

We also negotiated the Referral Bonus for teachers and paraprofessionals for this school year.

Referral Bonus SY22-23

The Evaluation Timeline from last year will continue for this school year as well.

Evaluation Timeline SY22-23

June 2022

  • LSC ACCEPTED - 6/23/22



Met 4/5/22 and 4/11/22 with LSC & LPS.
LPS has accepted 13 out of 40 proposals thus far. 33%
LPS has denied 13 out of 40 proposals. 33%
LPS countered 12 out of 40 proposals. 30%
LTU withdrew 3 proposals – 8%
LPS and LTU agreed to place 3 Union proposals in Statements of Shared Interests -8%
LTU has made 14 counter or amended proposals:
Compensation – all units
Class Size/Caseloads
Parent Liaison and Spec. Para Educator Stipends
Hourly Rate
LTU presented 2 new proposals – Vocational Column on pay scale and Retention Bonus.


  1. Additional Licensure Sub-Committee Report
  • LTU and LPS have met with kindergarten teachers and the LTU1037 several times over the past 8 weeks.  We will be scheduling a meeting in January to finalize any proposals.
  • Next Sub-Committee Meeting is TBD
  1. Differentials Sub-Committee Report
  • SST & 504 Differentials – LTU and LPS have discussed proposals and counters and have not come to an agreement.
  1. Social Workers – Clinical Model Report
  • LPS, LTU, LSAA – Members from each body are working collaboratively to address the roles/responsibilities of the SW/CD (clinicians)
  • LTU spoke to the difficult conditions this committee has due to the collaborative group.  We need to address the discrepancy in the division of labor in the new clinical model without the addition of prep time or compensation.  The collaborative group does not feel comfortable for this discussion and LTU requests that we continue to meet after the collaborative grouping to negotiate these issues.
  • LPS responded positively and acknowledged our points. 
  • Next Joint Sub- Committee Meeting is Jan. 12th at Noon
  1. Parent – Liaison Sub Committee
  • LPS & LTU collaboratively decided to work on the Parent -Liaison sub-committee for our next priority area.
  • The first Sub-Committee meeting for Parent-Liaisons is Jan. 6th at 3:15 p.m.
  • LTU will be reaching out to Parent-Liaisons to participate on this committee.
  1. Next Whole Group Meeting is January 26, 2022 at 6 p.m. with LPS.  Our team will meet at 5 p.m. in Room 206.



  • Bargaining Meeting – Oct. 7, 2021 – LSC members Michael Satterwhite and Brian Castellanos were in attendance via Dr. Tutwiler’s cell phone.
  • LPS presented priority areas for collaboration: NOW, NEXT, & LATER
  • Compensation – Differentials Special Services: 504’s, SST, etc. - NOW
  • Compensation – Additional Licensure – critical for performance - NOW
  • Social Workers/Clinical Directors – Clinical Model –  NOW
  • Lesson Planning – Refine components – NEXT
  • Parent Liaison – Job description – LATER
  • Evaluation Timeline – LATER


  • Collaborative Sub-Groups were formed with team members.
  • Union will be need Kindergarten and Pre-K Sped classroom teachers for input on the Additional Licensure sub-committee.  If interested, please contact
  • Next whole group bargaining meeting is Dec. 7th 6 p.m. with LPS. 

June 2021 - Our Organizing Team with members from all units working together created and disbursed the parent and member surveys. Our contracts expire on August 31, 2021 and we are collecting data from members of the teacher, paraprofessional and therapist units.

We have sub-committees working on Community Outreach and Analyzing Data for the survey questions/responses. 

July 2021 - Organizing and Negotiating Teams met to develop proposals for baragaining.

August 2021 - City of Lynn cancelled bargaining meeting.  August 11th Negotiating Teams will meet to review proposals and assign presentations.